Our core values

1. Transparency and accountability  

Through our structure, policies and procedures, and in all our actions, we are transparent and accountable, answering to our partners, Through effective policies, procedures and structures we ensure to be open and accountable to our members and stakeholders

2. Do not harm principle

We are committed to ethical and responsible actions and activities in the service of communities and people. We deeply value and respect  people’s rights & human dignity.

3. Empowerment

In all our actions we strive to develop people’s capacity and confidence to increase the strength and empower Children, Youth, women, individuals and communities. We promote adaptive learning & innovation.

4. Equity

We promote fairness in all our actions and commit to gender equity.

5. Impartaility

We, in all our interactions, show no bias or prejudice against any particular person or group to work with everyone in need irrespective of cast, creed, religion or culture.