Mera Parivar ensure that children who come for informal education at the Mera Parivar School have sufficient diets and nutrition for their physical growth.


One of the major activity of Mera Parivar is the income generation program for women in Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon.


Mera Parivar runs and informal children school , the Holy Chapel School where about a 100 children were admitted to classes nursery , LKG and UKG.


Another major initiative to empower women and build capacity for the youths of Rajiv Nagar Mera Parivar opens a vocational training centre for computers.

Get Involved


Be part of the Mera Parivar

You can join us and contribute to our
Family as a

Volunteer ( see details at what you can do and volunteer link)

You can contribute in terms of Cash or Kind ,

Kindly write to us or submit your query/suggestions/ your interest at Contact us link

Share your experiences and vision

Those who have the passion for bringing a change in lives of the Marginalized , the Poor , women and girls , Mera Parivar is happy to have you with us. We welcome ideas and innovations for building income generation activities and sustainable development. Share your experiences and vision for a better society and environment.

We also value organizations that are interested to network and journey together with us.



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