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Transforming Stories


    Kailash is about 37 year old came to Rajiv nagar, Gurgaon from a small village of Almorah district from Uttrakhand eighteen years ago. A father of three children Kailash came with his family to Gurgaon with...

    Saroj and her husband, Asish came to Gurgaon from a small village in Rajasthan fifteen years ago. They came here in search of job and better education with their children...

    Nishikant Age about 7 is studying in UKG class. He is the only son of his parents . He has two sisters, one of them is also at Mera Parivar school. Nishinak’s father Krishan works in company in Gurgaon and mother is unemployed...

    Kavita is 8 years old. She is curious and is well behaved. She wears the uniform provide by the school and says she will become Nurse if not a teacher. She is the rank number one child in her class...

    A 10 year old Alka comes every afternoon to Mera Parivar for tuition. Well ahead before time she would arrive and sit quietly and wait for her Tuition teacher and other students to come...

    Deepsikha Gupta is a young women in her 17 . She learn from her neighbour friend about the tailoring training centre at Mera Parivar...