Girl Child Education

Educate a girl to educate an entire generation

Girls Education

The progress of a community  is measured by the degree of progress which women have achieved Mera Pariavar believes and advocates education for all, with effective implementation of the Right to Education. Our Girl’s Education programme identifies, addresses and provides interventions for the socio-cultural and economic causes which restrain or restrict girls' education. We counsel girls, parents and community members and raise awareness about the importance of educating girl child. The major challenge is the psyche of the society which does not consider education a necessity for girls. The mindset that girls will have to get married and leave their parents’ house leads to the belief that educating girls is a waste of money. With this social psyche, it is crucial to understand that education is the first step to reduce poverty and inequality in any society.   As part of our Girls’ Education programme we conduct seminars and workshops on health, personal hygiene, and issues related to the menstrual cycle for women and adolescent girls. We also provide menstrual health products and try to make young girls feel comfortable about menstruation and sanitary napkins.

Mera Parivar
  • 🔰 To improve quality of education.

  • 🔰 To raise awareness among families on the importance of girl child education.

  • 🔰 To identify the social cause of Girl drop out of school and motivate.

  • 🔰 Health & Hygiene

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