Girl Child Education

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Educate a girl to educate an entire generation

Girls Education

Mera Pariavar champions education for all, emphasizing that a community's advancement is mirrored in the progress of its women. Our Girl’s Education program combats the socio-cultural and economic barriers hindering girls' education, through counseling, awareness campaigns, and challenging societal norms that undervalue girls' learning. Recognizing education as a cornerstone for diminishing poverty and inequality, we tackle prejudices head-on, offering seminars, workshops on health, personal hygiene, and menstrual awareness, alongside providing essential menstrual health products, fostering a supportive and enlightened environment for girls' education.

Mera Parivar
  • 🔰 To improve quality of education.

  • 🔰 To raise awareness among families on the importance of girl child education.

  • 🔰 To identify the social cause of Girl drop out of school and motivate.

  • 🔰 Health & Hygiene

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