Since 2008, Mera Parivar is making lasting change in the area of education among marginalized communities. Meeting regularly with parents and local level authorities, Mera Parivar has earn to a well-deserved trust in the community and has been a bridge between local authority and communities. Mera Parivar is providing care and nurturing for children aged 6 – 11 years (preschool education till post-secondary education) through  local level advocacy, awareness, counselling and accompanying drop out students.  


  • Mera Parivar Center offers informal education to those children who remain outside formal educational systems. They attend classes every day to learn English, Hindi and Mathematics, so that they can be at par with the required standard for public schools, and therefore progress to higher education (school & college). 

  • The families of these children pay small monthly fees. This helps the parents commit to the education of their children, while enabling our NGO to sustain the project on the long term.

  • We also organize educational visits (Delhi Zoo, Railway museum) and excursions (Children Leisure Park).

  • We provide afternoon remedial support for government school (800 children in).


  • Once children have reached the required level, Mera Parivar, along with Naya Nagar, offers scholarships to those children (whose families cannot afford to pay school fees of public schools).

  • Mera Parivar takes care of the admission fees, uniforms and books. Our NGO also pays tuition for selected students as part of a special support system.


  • Children in the slum, who do not get nutritious food and a proper diet, become susceptible to various diseases. It has been a concern for Mera Parivar to supplement these children with nutritional supplements and a mid-day meal.

  • Mera Parivar provides 500 Children Nutrition meals to children as mid-day meal every day. 

  • This project is supported by private donors and food chain restaurants and by Mera Parivar food collection (from hotels, weddings, and parties, MNC, BPO etc).