Savita cherishes her dream

Savita, 28 has been always dreaming of going to the outside world and find something new. She got married as soon as she crossed the 10th standard bar. She was unable to continue her further studies as traditional women are not likely to continue their studies after being married, and stay at home as housewife;but she contends this. She wants to come out of this world and find any means to get substantial income for the family, knowing the financial struggle of her husband.Her husband opens a shop gets a return of Rupees 8000/- per month approximately. The major part of his income goes to room rent and other bills. She keeps looking for opportunities. She came to learn about the work of Mera

Parivar: training women in the community in various fields. She was thrilled to know about the training, so she got herself enrolled in the training in the sewing stream. She is ambitious and active in her training. She cherishes her dreaming of running her own boutique and leaves no stone unturned attain ambition. Though she could not continue her further studies, yet she is happy and is working very hard to make her dream come true

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