Micro Enterprises Mera Parivar

Mera Parivar Women’ Group was established with the focus on the socio-economic uplifting of vulnerable women through employable skill building . In the process of need assessment, the present status of women, their economic needs ,income opportunities and involvement of community as stake holder was taken into consideration. It is believed that additional income generation Programmes/Projects will empower women socially and economically. This will help improving living standard, better nutrition, meeting social need like education and h e a l t h . This will enhance their quality of life .This will help reducing the violence and discrimination against women. Their inclusion in the community and family as earning member, will add their role and dignity . This will change their self-confidence through sense self-reliance and self-esteem

India is in a phase of rapid economic development. But the disconnect between business actions and the rights of citizens in India is clear, with many exploited workers lacking appropriate access to remedy.

An estimated 11.7 million (2013) people in bonded labour.

Communities displaced by, and livelihoods lost to intense resource extraction.

Child labour rife within many sectors.

Critically poor health and safety practices, endemic low wages and excessive working hours.

Yet the Indian constitution robustly supports human rights. India has recently legislated several rights-based laws with far reaching impact, including the Right to Information and Right to Education Acts as well as National Voluntary Guidelines released by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (2011).

Nevertheless, there exists a void where businesses – big and small – fail to understand their responsibilities to respect human rights, be due diligent in their operations or take necessary action.

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